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Special Occasion pillows are an upgraded version of the “Treasured Memories” line, custom designed around your special event, photograph and colors. They are made using specialty fabrics and trim to reflect the occasion. For example, a wedding or anniversary pillow will include a splash of color to represent the colors of the bride and bridesmaid’s dresses and color of the bridal bouquet etc.

Wedding Anniversary Pillow

This wedding anniversary pillow was created from my actual wedding dress to celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year! The dress was made for me by a very talented friend who used to work in the couture houses of London, UK, and I wanted to preserve her exceptional work as much as remember the dress and the day. This is a more “candid” photo of a funny moment we will never forget. Walking out of the church after the ceremony, my garter fell off and caught round my shoe. So we caused quite a traffic jam at the doorway whilst my dutiful new husband bent down to untangle and retrieve said item. Once the news spread as to the reason for the hold up, there was laughter all around, as well as perhaps a little embarrassment! But, hey, we’re still laughing all these years later.

They are available in 16” and 20” sizes, pricing depending upon size and choice of fabrics. Upgrades such as additional lace, motifs, piping and ruffles are also available.

Wedding Ring pillows

I have expanded my product line for the bridal market to include small, gift size Mini Memento pillows, and Wedding Ring pillows.

You can come look at samples of these Special Occasion pillows covers wherever I am at a market or craft fair. Follow me on Facebook to see when and where you can find me in person, or check out the Events page.

Wedding Pillow Photos:

  • I will be at the Cochrane Bridal Fair at the Ranche House, on Sun 2nd February, 2020. At this event I will be offering a prize draw of a custom-made ring pillow! Check out their Facebook page for lots of exciting offers and contests: FB

Or you can email me to discuss your ideas, and let’s make something truly memorable.