The Quillow Queen



A quillow is a quilt in a pillow. They are fun and very practical, made with top quality quilting cottons in a variety of sizes, and with a choice of fill and backing fabrics.

FUN & FUNKY Quilted Pillow Covers

The “Fun & Funky” line of ready-made quilted pillow covers are made with top quality quilting cottons in bright and colorful designs, designed to touch the heart and bring cheer to any space. They come in a choice of sizes, either 16” or 20”, and include a zipper for easy laundering. Available with or without fill.

MINI MEMENTOS Custom-made or Customizable hanging ornamental pillows

These fun, mini sized (4” or 5”) mementos can fit into either the Fun & Funky ready-made collection, with a 2” plastic sleeve in the center (like in a wallet) that you can customize yourself with your photo of choice. Or, they can be a custom-made Treasured Memories or Special Occasion memento, with a photograph incorporated into the center and your choice of fabrics and embellishments. They all make wonderful little keepsakes and gifts, and can be hung up anywhere for all to enjoy.

TREASURED MEMORIES Quilted Pillow Covers

The “Treasured Memories” line of quilted pillow covers are custom made with top quality cotton flannel (or your preferred fabric type), in a variety of designs. They have fairly neutral tones with pops of color of your choosing. Additionally, they have one or more color photos of your most treasured memories - be they human, animal, place or thing. Think of them as the most huggable, comforting photo frame ever. Available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and finishes, all with zippers for easy laundering. Available with or without fill.

SPECIAL OCCASION Quilted Pillow Covers

Special occasion pillow covers are a special version of the “Treasured Memories” line custom designed around your special event photograph and colors. They are made using specialty fabrics and trim to reflect the occasion. For example, a wedding or anniversary cushion cover would include splashes of color to represent the bride and bridesmaids dresses and color of the bridal bouquet. They are available in 16” and 20” sizes, pricing depending upon choice of fabrics. Upgrades such as piping and ruffles are also available, as well as optional fill.


I enjoy variety and learning new things, so I make a wide variety of different projects. Most recently I have been updating my summer wardrobe in preparation for the “Me Made May” challenge. I have also made a variety of other clothing items for my family, as well as numerous soft furnishings for my home.